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Information on Mortgages for New & Resale Florida Homes

It is true that financing property is not as easy as it used to be with lenders and banks being more cautious and having stricter qualifying guidelines & conditions, but for well qualified buyers who have good credit histories, the required down payment and the patience to supply the necessary documentation some really good rates and programs are available. So whatever your status, be it Citizen, Resident Alien, Non-Resident Alien, Foreign National etc., etc., let us help you get “The Best Deal” and don’t forget, you don’t have to buy with us to use our Finance or other services.

Below are some basic guidelines on acquiring mortgage financing

For local Buyers (US Citizens, Resident Aliens, Green Card holders etc):

Let us help you get into your new home quickly, with rates you can depend on!!

A properly structured home purchase loan allows you to get the home you would like with a payment that matches your budget. Even first time home buyers have several options when it is time to purchase their first home. We can help you select the proper program and price range.

Let us help you get started:

  • We provide you with an accurate pre-qualification
  • We help you discover the correct loan program
  • We offer competitive interest rates
  • We have FHA programs with as low as 3.5% down!!


For Foreign National Buyers:

Interested in investing in Orlando Florida but not a US citizen and need a mortgage?  There are mortgage loans available for you! Loans as high as 65% of the value!  Here is more information about the Foreign National Mortgage Programs:

  • 35% Down Payment
  • (1-4) Credit reference letters or International credit report
  • Copy of passport including any visa’s and if applicable ITIN number
  • Verification of income: 2 years employment history, Accountants confirmation letter if self- employed or Employer letter if wage earner.
  • Verification of rent paid if renting (Bank statements showing payments). If house/property is owned (Mortgaged) mortgage & valuation details, if owned (Free & clear) proof of full ownership plus any other associated costs and Rates/Tax Information.

Contact us today for free and confidential information on your Mortgage & Financing options.

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Mortgage Finance on Florida Homes – Best Rates & Terms

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